OpenTalk 40: Cambiando el mundo desde Australia con FennFoods

OPENTALK_40 – MAY 25, 2023

Alejandro Cancino, Chef & Founder/Director FennFoods

Paving the way toward a healthy plant-based future for Australians since 2015, family business Fenn Foods puts sustainability at the heart of every decision it makes.
With celebrated chef Alejandro Cancino at the helm of Fenn Foods’ recipe development, customers can expect to enjoy natural, high-quality and seriously delicious vegan fare that will appeal to (and surprise) everyone.
Based on Queensland’s serene Sunshine Coast, the passionate plant-powered family and team behind these delectable products is excited to share its expanding range of flavoursome, umami-rich plant-based meats and more with food-loving people seeking sustainable and appetising alternatives.