Xcusas_02: How will cultivated meat affect the plantbased industry?

WEBINAR FEB 28, 2023 / 6PM CET

Webinar with experts in both the cultivated meat and plantbased food sector.

Online discussion over how the potential success of the cultivated meat industry, once it is available to consumers, may affect the existing plantbased industry. 

  • Plantbased or cell-based, allies or enemies? 
  • How might cell-based products compare to plantbased meat alternatives with regards to taste and overall consumer acceptance? 
  • Do both industries target the same or different consumers? 

How hybrid (cell-based and plantbased) products can reduce costs. 

We will be joined in this webinar on the opportunities that fermentation offers us by the following speakers.

Eric Jenkusky. Co-Founder Matrix Food Technologies

Dwayne Holmes. Director, Responsible Research & Innovation – EU en New Harvest

Pablo Ponce. Food Technologist and CellAg Mindset Builder Singular Foods

Roberto Guerra. Vegan & Alt-Protein Business Developer Singular Foods