Hi there, Cinzia!


Singular Foods is a place inhabited by curious, unbelieving people with intention. Believing in order to create. They are singular inhabitants like Cinzia Fontana food designer who joins Singular Foods from her studio in London, Amò Food Design.

My first working career was as a chemist in Unilever’s R&D department, where I co-developed a couple of patents. I then graduated in design at the ISIA University in Florence. 

In 2005 I discussed my research dissertation, a pioneering project of food design and multimedia synaesthesia, in collaboration with the Hotel La Perla and Mahatma Wine Cellar.

After having developed a food and sensoriality course to bring young people from high schools in Florence to a new point of view of food and design, I have worked for many years in communication and brand design. Since living in the UK I have started a collaboration with the London Design Museum to help students learn about design and its many applications.

Having fully resumed my work on food design, I started my studio called Amò Food Design and developed a storytelling project of Italian pasta where, through pasta and fermentation processes, I highlight the sustainability, conviviality and value of fresh and genuine self-produced food.

I promote food sustainability through collaboration with local companies, committed to giving visibility to the territory and to the value of the quality of the  product. I also design food experience events through the use of pasta.


Welcome Cinzia!